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Archive for December, 2006

SemMF - A Semantic Matching Framework

SemMF is a flexible framework for calculating semantic similarity between objects that are represented as arbitrary RDF graphs. The framework allows taxonomic and non-taxonomic concept matching techniques to be applied to selected object properties. Moreover, new concept matchers are easily integrated into SemMF by implementing a simple interface, thus making it applicable in a wide range of different use case scenarios. ( taken from: http://sites.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/suhl/radek/semmf/)

A poster from the International Semantic Web Conference (2005) about SemMF is available at sites.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/suhl/radek/pub/SemMF_ISWC2005.pdf

Similarity and Web 2.0

I have added a new section to the literature list about papers related to the role of similarity in Web 2.0. The papers deal with the role of inter-user similarity to improve trust rating in social networks.