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Similarity Server Progress

Just a short report on our progress in developing a DIG compliant semantic similarity measurement server for the description logic ALCNQ: The server consists of three parts, the ALCNQ reasoner that checks for ABOX satisfiability (and therefore also subsumption), a DIG server based on the Jetty Web server and finally the similarity module. Up to now we have first running alpha versions of the reasoner and server parts and start to work on the similarity module now (using an extended version of the SIM-DL theory [73]). The software is implemented in java and we plan to release a first public alpha version in May at sourceforge.

[73] Janowicz, K. (2006). Sim-DL: Towards a Semantic Similarity Measurement Theory for the Description Logic ALCNR in Geographic Information Retrieval. R. Meersman, Z. Tari, P. Herrero et al. (Eds.): SeBGIS 2006, OTM Workshops 2006, LNCS 4278, pp. 1681 – 1692, 2006. [PDF] (external link)

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