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Call for Papers: GeoS 2007

Geospatial semantics is an emerging research theme in the domain of geographic information systems and spatial databases. The first edition of the conference GeoS 2005, November 29-30, 2005, Mexico City, Mexico www.geosco.org/geos2005.htm was highly successful. We have received about 50 submissions, from which 15 regular and 4 short articles have been published in Volume 3799 of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science. People from 14 countries and 5 continents have attended GeoS 2005. The second edition GeoS 2007 www.geosco.org aims at providing a timely forum for the exchange of state-of-the-art research results in the areas of modeling and processing of geospatial semantics. Geospatial semantics play an important role for next-generation spatial databases and geographic information systems, as well as specialized geospatial web services. This conference will bring together researchers whose expertise will address such issues as:

• Theories for geospatial semantic information
• Formal representations for geospatial data
• Models and languages for geoontologies
• Alignment and integration of geoontologies
• Integration of semantics into spatial query processing
Similarity comparisons of spatial datasets
• Ontology-based spatial information retrieval
• Ontology-driven GIS
• Geospatial Semantic Web
• Multicultural aspects of spatial knowledge

The full call for papers can be downloaded here: [PDF]

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